Exhaust System

We specialize in exhaust systems

It is important to maintain your exhaust system since it is made of metal and it does corrode in time.  By catching a leaky exhaust system you can prevent exposing yourself and your family to high levels of carbon dioxide.

Signs of leaky exhaust system

  • Unusually louder exhaust noise
  • Bad gas mileage
  • Loss of power
  • Failed emissions test (smog check)

Exhaust System

We stock many different mufflers and catalytic converters. Our customers can choose dealer OEM mufflers and catalytic converters or aftermarket depending on availability. We have a hydraulic bending machine which is used to bend replacement exhaust pipes.

Mufflers play a big roll in noise pollution, its part of the exhaust system in almost all gas / diesel vehicles. Mufflers main job is to reduce noise pollution. We sell and install quality mufflers and provide limited manufacturers warranty for one year and our labor 90 days.

Catalytic Converters used to reduce pollution of harmful gases in our atmosphere. When a Catalytic Converter fails, vehicle will fail smog check which is done every two years. Vehicle must pass smog check in order for DMV to renew your vehicle registration. Vehicle must also pass visual inspection of the exhaust system. If incorrect catalytic converter has been installed, vehicle will fail smog check.  We sell and install quality catalytic converters which have limited manufactures warranty for two years and our labor has 90 day warranty.

Custom Exhaust System

We also specialize in custom and high performance exhaust systems. We have built many exhaust systems from show stopping hotrods to high performance race cars. Our high performance exhaust systems are for off road use only.

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