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To keep your vehicle running its best and to prevent any major damages in the future, contact us today! We have a friendly staff ready to schedule an appointment for you to bring you car in for its routine maintenance.


Follow Your Vehicle’s Service Schedule

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are still too many car owners out there who pay little or no attention to the vehicle maintenance schedule as laid out in the owner’s manual. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, not the dealer’s. They built the car, so they know what’s best for the car. Not following the maintenance schedule is particularly inexcusable in late-model cars that have oil life monitoring system┬áthat automatically determine the best time for an oil change. Between the service indicator lights located in the gauge cluster of many new cars and the lengthy intervals between required service (up to 20,000 miles in some models), there’s no reason for skimping on proper maintenance.


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